Repairs & Conversions

Global shipyard was originally made to tackle the repair requirements of Ships in Gulf region. At the Global shipyard Repair & Conversion we propose our clients the full array of services a ship-owner might need, whether it concerns normal dry dockings for scheduled maintenance, damage repair or extensive refit and conversion jobs. Our facilities range dry docks and covered facilities to smaller ship repair yards, more practical for inland vessels.

    We can offer you a wide range of repairs. Our on-site repairs are fast, cost effective and meet all regulatory requirements. With our equipment and flexible personnel we perform all kinds of repairs from engine work and steelwork to propulsion repairs. Our skilled workforce is also available to travel to alternative locations for your convenience.

    We have years of experience, extremely high skilled team, widespread new building and manufacturing understanding, expertise and facilities. That is why we are able to design, engineer and execute all kinds of conversion jobs. Our strength lies in engineering, craftsmanship, project management and in our decades of experience.