Offshore Vessel

Strapping and shifting winds, gigantic waves, and unsafe currents. Situation out at sea are repeatedly tough. Offshore supply vessels must defy any adverse weather. And at the same time, they must plan with the utmost accuracy to ensure that platforms can be approached safe and sound and to cater with this situation, Platform Supply Vessel is an extremely competent, large-capacity fitted ship, mainly suited for transport of crew and supplies to and from offshore structures. The vessels may be optionally fitted with Fire Fighting, Oil Recovery and/or high class Dynamic Positioning installations. The vessel design provides safe and comfortable working environment.

    Offshore Vessels are required of:

  • Prompt and precise steering.
  • Stepless, prompt and precise control of direction and magnitude of thrust.
  • Low downtime due to low-maintenance technology.
  • Roll stabilization during standstill as well as when sailing.

Being accustomed to operating in remote waters and under harsh conditions, our dedicated staff has been able to successfully Visualise the need of offshore operations and could integrate the requirements with ship building.