Shipyard Design & Engineering

Developments and prospect requirements in the market are the major focus of Design & Engineering. We are concerned in our customers' industry and enter into conversation at the initial possible stage. Design & Engineering:

  • Produces the first preliminary designs
  • Makes the sketched designs
  • Considers aspects such as sustainability, return on investment and cost of ownership
  • Refines the designs in consultation with suppliers, customers and users.
  • We focus on designing cost-effective and flexible ships and equipment which constantly pack in high performance. We tailor-make a full range of offshore support and maintenance vessels, including Anchor Handling Tug / Supply Vessels, harbor tugs, Platform Supply Vessels. We also have expertise in a wide range of critical components such as bulk cargo pressure-tanks, stern rollers and the latest propulsion concepts. Committed to technology innovation, we continue to extend our strong design and engineering track record with larger and more sophisticated projects.